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liugong wheel loader
2015-04-01 17:10:32

2014, Guangxi Liugong positive after market remanufacturing business model innovation and development, remanufacturing sales reached 40 million, an increase of 42%, a record. Liugong held during the recent 2015 after market business policy interpretation will, on behalf of many dealers in advance or push back against the willow return, it is understanding Liugong remanufacturing business, explore opportunities for cooperation.

Last year, after market business division Liugong remanufacturing company through the introduction of professional spray and cylinder repair equipment, training of professionals focused on the implementation of Six Sigma projects focused on work to enhance the quality of remanufactured products; through subcontract, self-development, integration system display other models, broaden the product range and product focus gradually broadened by the loader to the core components of the hydraulic excavator product; refinement recycling old pieces way, the original single purchase of old parts to dealers to expand into the recycling of used machine , parts trade; also take the dealer to return the old parts with common parts orders linkage, old pieces recovered amounts corresponding brand integration and redeem promotional materials and other means, so that greatly reduce the cost of reverse logistics, effective solution to the shortage of old pieces issue.